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PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:36 pm 

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1999 volvo penta 4.3GL PWTR

first of the season the problem started. cold start... fires up.. then dies down like its not getting fuel anymore, must fire it back then rev rpm's up to 1.5k-2k to try and prevent idle from dying and stalling out ( works most of the time ), problem wouldn't happen very often after boat reached operating temp, but 1 in 3 times after restarting it happens NOW, example just cruised to middle of lake at operating temperature..decide to shut boat off and float for a few mins, go to fire it up starts fine, idles for like 30 sec. then stalls out . sometimes doesn't even want to start fine have to crank the throttle like it its starving for gas or getting to much .

so far this year to try and fix this problem i have replaced the following.... with no solution ..

new ignition switch
new water pump
new fuel pump
new fuel filter
new spark plugs/wires
new dist. cap
new holly 2 barrel carb. ( old carb has 3 adjustment needles this brand new one only had 1 ) ( does anyone know if they changed the design???? )

what else is left to change to fix this symptom
i had my carb's idle set at 1,000 rpm but i was told do not do that because it will hurt ur drive when shifting so i turned it back down to 700-800 idle.

any suggestions? this is starting to suck

update: im on my like 5th full tank of fuel this season already so i dont think its bad gas, i only run ethanol free. also the boat runs smooth at higher rpm's i never has a single issue above 2,000 rpm's after i put the new carb on it seemed to purr and run way better near and at WOT, so the issuses are only at low Rpm and idles any idea's :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:10 am 
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cross post if you haven't to the engine/drive area may get a few more eyes on it.

I have a 98 with the same motor, when cold it needs one pump and throttle cracked to about 1200 rpm to not stall...then it will idle all day. When starting warm it always needs the throttle cracked but then runs well at idle (bit low on mine at 600). I say this mostly for reference.

Mine does not like low octane fuel, when I refuel on the lake I add booster or buy 93 off the lake and it does better...without it diesels terribly and pings noticeably, it also starts better on that fuel, I suspect I could tweak the timing a bit to solve but just too lazy to get a light out and adjust.

Was the carb replaced for this problem? Seems like a lot of stuff thrown at the motor all at once. I would lean carburation or timing but don't have knowledge to help you further....hopefully some of the other smarter folks will chime in.

Jon Miller
1998 four Winns Horizon H200
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:11 am 
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Agree with the post above, a lot of parts have been replaced, but what diagnostics have been done?
What I'd do:
warm engine up, remove spark plugs, have throttle set wide open, disable ignition and fuel pump. Perform a compression test that is a baseline that you work from. If you have poor compression on one or more cyls it will never run right no matter how many parts you throw at it...also note condition of spark plugs, are they burning clean with light tan or grey deposits on the center electrodes, or black and carboned up (fuel mix too rich or high oil consumption) or blistered white (fuel mix too lean) spark plugs are a good view inside if you know how to read them.
If compression is good then move forward if not then you have to find out what is wrong. A cylinder leak down test is the way to find where the compression loss is.
Going forward I'd first test:
fuel pressure and volume, make sure it matches Volvo's spec
if good then move on if not find out why, ie restrictions in fuel delivery system, fuel vent clogged? anti siphon valve on the fuel tank rusted and seized up? crud in the bottom of the fuel tank? Dump out the contents of the fuel filter and let it sit in a mason jar. Do you see crud on the bottom? Water?

The carb, well yes I tried a new Holley 4160 once thinking my old Quadrajet was too old to rebuild and I was wrong. I had no end of problems with that Holley, it would start and run but ran very rich, fouled plugs and just did not run right. So in frustration I pulled the old Quadrajet off a shelf in the garage and rebuilt it in 2 hrs and it ran like it always did, just fine, not smooth like a modern EFI vehicle but just like my '72 Chevy Impala and my '75 Olds Delta 88, ie good enough!
So my opinion is Holley's quality control is not the best, but you have to make sure that carb is set up right. When you say only one idle screw, you are probably referring to the idle speed screw. They probably have those asinine caps over the mixture screws which I hate with a passion. My Quadrajet didn't have them and neither did the new 4160 I bought have them. I'd see if they can be removed so you set the idle mix the way it needs to be for it to run right. Had the same problem on our Suzuki DF 2.5 had to remove the crap epoxy they covered the idle mix screw with and give it one half turn rich, that was all it took for it to finally run right....
Last thing, make sure that there are no intake leaks between the carb and the intake manifold.
Carb troubleshooting is old school auto shop 101. Learned it many many years ago.
PS finally found out what was wrong that fool Holley 4160, the rear metering plate was loose!
I'll take a good Quadrajet anytime over a Holley!
A good second choice is an Edelbrock 1409
you have a 2bbl I assume so I guess you have to make this Holley work
What was wrong with the original?

go on to Holley's website they have a lot of videos and service information.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ncpyim8e196lc ... k.bmp?dl=0
read this for starters, its out of my 1970-1977 Chilton repair manual

I did this in about 2 hrs......
https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu1hut15udcnx ... d.JPG?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwp8tkdvyu2wn ... t.JPG?dl=0

PS if you are running bad at idle and low rpms your idle system is suspect, air bleeds idle jets. Carb has a float system, idle system, transfer slots, main system and accelerator pump.

If you let it idle a while on the water hose then pull out the spark plugs and see how they look...
White = too lean, brown/tan good, black too rich.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:58 pm 

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I have a 93 210 Horizon we replaced the fuel pressure regulator and chip but my motor is 5.8 EFI

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